I’m Martin Haworth.

I’m a Coach.

I work with people willing to invest in their future. People who are prepared to go to places that are challenging. People who are willing to sacrifice comfort for growth and development.

People who want to have all their bricks in their wall.

It’s not for everyone. I only coach a few people at a time, so space can be limited.

I just want to you know that for some, the words ‘Your Time is Now’ will mean something. It will mean it’s worth taking the risk of a conversation with me.

How it Works

It’s easy. We set aside an hour or two together. either face-to-face, by phone or Skype for a start and let’s see where it takes us.

There’s no selling. It’s a real coaching conversation that will give you huge value on it’s own. A REAL coaching conversation.

If you feel there’s value in continuing the conversation, I feel there’s value I can offer you and I have the spaces right now. We discuss the possibilities.

When we agree to work together, we have a conversation each month for as long as it takes.

I only work with clients for 6 months. If there’s more to do at that point, we renew our arrangement. We decide together.

What it Costs

Everyone is different and every circumstance is different. The cost isn’t simply the money that is paid. The cost is whether it’s worth it to you.

The first conversation will help you decide that.

Coaching isn’t crazy cheap though. It isn’t crazy expensive either. Talk to me about it.


To e-mail me, simply contact me or call on (UK) 01452226414.

I look forward to hearing from you.