10 Ways Easy for Managers to Empower

There are many, many ways that a manager can empower those in their team. The value comes from enlightened individuals freed up to express themselves through the release of their potential. And you are the one to do it…

Almost any situation where you let an individual express themselves freely, through the contribution they themselves make, is through helping them to be empowered. Continue reading

Getting Your People To Do The Best They Can

Because problems come at us thick and fast when we manage – especially when we are busy – it’s much easier to do something quickly about it. And so often, that’s simply the wrong solution…

Problems are a fact of life in any manager’s role. They come at us all the time and, with our people clamoring for speedy progress, we easily find ourselves obliging with an answer from the resources we have within us. Continue reading

Team Building – Inherit or Create?

Is it easier to have a bunch of people that are brand new to a team, or one that you mould from those you inherit?

In my business life I only had the latter. An existing group of employees, in each business who I had to work with, from each new day one. Never a new set that I could grow for myself.

There are different challenges in each case. Continue reading

The 4 Types of Feedback

Feedback is a gift. It is given to others to help them learn and develop.

It requires close attention from the giver and has to be a part of a regular committment where it is received in a trusted way.

To give great feedback, you need to have a relationship with the recipient; that means they trust you and that your reasons for giving feedback are of value and fair. Continue reading

7 Ways to Make Communication Effective

Good managers understand the benefits of effective communication with their employees. They appreciate that it is not simply the benefits of passing on information that adds value, but the rapport that is built when people feel fully involved.

To ensure that communication is effective, there are some simple actions a manager can take, the benefits of which will far outweigh the effort required.

Here are 7 simple ideas that will help: – Continue reading

Active Listening – Always Works

When you take the time to listen – really listen and show that you listen – your people feel heard. In a world when this has become a rarity rather than the norm, your people will see you as something special and will be much more inclined to stay – and do more for you too.

Listening builds relationships like nothing else.

Whilst most managers need to have their ego-stroked a lot – and achieve this by talking a lot – the most capable managers understand that by actively listening to their people, they are doing so much more for their management outcomes than simply hearing their own voice.

So, what does ‘actively’ listening look like?

The best active listeners will usually: – Continue reading

Thank You – Small and Very Effective

When we look at the kinds of things that motivate people, it’s not hard to find them. Indeed, all we have to do is to think of the times that we, ourselves, have felt motivated when we’ve done something.

Putting effort into a piece of work that we have invested our time in requires focus, patience and tenacity, all of which use our energies and often, simply succeeding is enough. For those of us with a strong inner compass, success in a task is all we need to feel good about ourselves. Continue reading

Beautiful Coaching

Picture – for a moment – the first time you tried something new. It may not have gone quite to plan. It might have been an abject failure. Yet with encouragement, persistence and learning from your mistakes, you achieved it in the end. This is what coaching is all about.

From our very earliest experiences as we are born, we are are in learning mode. Every teetering step of the way, we learn life skills through trial and error. As small children, we fall over, dust ourselves down (with maybe just a few tears!) and give it another go. Continue reading

Let Your People Find The Solutions

It’s almost second nature to managers. Their team members come and share a problem with them and seek solutions. The manager, on cue, solves the problem and everyone’s happy.

For managers, here’s where the problems start. Although it’s ever so nice to feel the pride of being ‘the one who knows everything’ in the eyes of their people, it can be both repetitive and time-consuming for the manager after a while. Continue reading