Workplace Stress – Some Common Issues Solved

With 25% of all prescription drugs provided to patients used for psychotherapy; more than 11% of all occupational disease claims related to stress (and rising); and 42% of all absence citing stress as the major cause, workplace tensions have never been worse.

Pressure on business success, especially to meet the demands of stockholders, seems to translate itself all the way down the hierarchical chain to the many at the sharp end. Managers are shifting their pressures as quickly as they can, understandably. as their pressures are no less.

Characterized by symptoms such as:- irritability with others; fear; lack of hope and pessimism in general; lack of interest; lack of self-esteem, boredom; feelings of failure; frustration; anger, to name but a few, more employees are taking the time out today, for longer, than ever before, with paid absence as their support structure.

This stress, of course, goes all the way home at the end of the day, putting a greater strain on all the relationships at home, more than ever before.

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It’s The Journey, Not The Change, That’s Tricky

We face change every day of our lives. Sometimes small enough hardly to notice; other times change that’s so cataclysmic that we will find it hard to cope.

In organisations, change is all too common nowadays. Indeed, where organisations don’t embrace and indeed instigate change, they are unlikely to survive. When change is thrust upon us, we have choices to make how we are going to accommodate it. Continue reading