Henry Ford – Whether You Believe You Can – or You Can’t – You Are Right

We spend our lives being who we have become over the years.

Far from being the true character that lies beneath each and everyone of us, we are overlaid with the experiences we have had.

From the very earliest days where we have our parents, wishing us well each and every day, in their own way, they share with us and embody in us all the ways they have become.

It’s not their fault, it’s just the way they are, doing their best and infusing us with who they are. Good and bad. In fact there’s evidence to show that what they share with you, is what their parents shared with them and for generations before. And you’re the next in the cycle, maybe.

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Questions. Questions. Questions

Relationship building is the most important activity for all management and supervisory roles.

Without having your people with you, in full rapport with you, it is likely to be an uphill struggle for you to lead a team effectively. And to be at that level of relationship with them, you have to work towards their trust steadily, consistently.

There are a number of tactics that you can adopt in order to make the most of working with your people and one of the best if by getting to know them really well. By spending time with them and understanding them better.

One of the best ways to get to know your people is to make sure that you get into regular and light conversations with them. It’s all about having the ability to talk and listen to almost anything they might have to say, with an emphasis on what turns them on, and less on you.

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Active Listening – Always Works

When you take the time to listen – really listen and show that you listen – your people feel heard. In a world when this has become a rarity rather than the norm, your people will see you as something special and will be much more inclined to stay – and do more for you too.

Listening builds relationships like nothing else.

Whilst most managers need to have their ego-stroked a lot – and achieve this by talking a lot – the most capable managers understand that by actively listening to their people, they are doing so much more for their management outcomes than simply hearing their own voice.

So, what does ‘actively’ listening look like?

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Beautiful Coaching

Picture – for a moment – the first time you tried something new. It may not have gone quite to plan. It might have been an abject failure. Yet with encouragement, persistence and learning from your mistakes, you achieved it in the end. This is what coaching is all about.

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