Four Questions Managers MUST Ask

Management can be a lonely role.Feedback is a Gift

Because of the nature of the job, it is critical to be dissociated from those in your team, yet vital to be as close to them as you can, which is quite an oxymoron.

Being close to people is to have a level of rapport with them such that you are trusted; have a gateway to communicate openly and as a result of that, a motivation and commitment between you to get the very best results.

Being ‘dissociated’ from them is to be respected as their leader and that when the chips are down, what you says goes. Continue reading

The 4 Types of Feedback

Feedback is a gift. It is given to others to help them learn and develop.

It requires close attention from the giver and has to be a part of a regular committment where it is received in a trusted way.

To give great feedback, you need to have a relationship with the recipient; that means they trust you and that your reasons for giving feedback are of value and fair. Continue reading