The Name of Her Dog

We all know how valuable it is to build rapport and ultimately trust with people. It’s not only a good way to lead (if that’s your role), but it also is just a nice way to be and creates good, lasting relationships.

When we create trusting relationships, we feel fulfilled and occasionally, it brings tangible benefits to both sides as a spin off.

I’m now a leadership trainer and meet with people from all over the world regularly. We often talk about relationship building as a topic. As if it is a one-off activity we learn and do. Of course, that isn’t true, but it is (and I say this in severe hindsight from my role as a manager over 25 years) a valuable activity to develop and there are some easy tactics you can try out. Continue reading

Henry Ford – Whether You Believe You Can – or You Can’t – You Are Right

We spend our lives being who we have become over the years.

Far from being the true character that lies beneath each and everyone of us, we are overlaid with the experiences we have had.

From the very earliest days where we have our parents, wishing us well each and every day, in their own way, they share with us and embody in us all the ways they have become.

It’s not their fault, it’s just the way they are, doing their best and infusing us with who they are. Good and bad. In fact there’s evidence to show that what they share with you, is what their parents shared with them and for generations before. And you’re the next in the cycle, maybe.

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Getting Your People To Do The Best They Can

Because problems come at us thick and fast when we manage – especially when we are busy – it’s much easier to do something quickly about it. And so often, that’s simply the wrong solution…

Problems are a fact of life in any manager’s role. They come at us all the time and, with our people clamoring for speedy progress, we easily find ourselves obliging with an answer from the resources we have within us. Continue reading

Thank You – Small and Very Effective

When we look at the kinds of things that motivate people, it’s not hard to find them. Indeed, all we have to do is to think of the times that we, ourselves, have felt motivated when we’ve done something.

Putting effort into a piece of work that we have invested our time in requires focus, patience and tenacity, all of which use our energies and often, simply succeeding is enough. For those of us with a strong inner compass, success in a task is all we need to feel good about ourselves. Continue reading