Delegation – An Inside Job?

As many managers and leaders know, delegation is a critical tool when you want both a team of confident and capable people, as well as the time to focus on what you do best in your role.

Those who delegate effectively create employees who are skilled in the widest range of activities, by putting trust in them to deliver some of the work you don’t really need to do.

In turn, this builds their self-belief and self-esteem, which then enables them to do even more activities.

Your team becomes rounded, with everyone motivated to release their potential, grow their own possibilities and seek new workplace adventures.

And there is only one thing that can prevent this.


For the skill of delegation is only in the hands of the person making the decision to actively let more go.

And it’s even more than that.

Not only does the person delegating work they really need not do create time for themselves, when they focus what they give to whom pro-actively, they develop people along the way.

The internal decision to pro-actively delegate everything possible can be a challenge. After all, you do things perfectly, right? After all, you are better at these things than any of your people could be, right? After all, you kinda like doing some of these things, right?

Letting go and making space for time to truly lead people can be outside the comfort zone for many used to doing stuff. Doing stuff is what you know. Leading others to be their best requires a shift in focus.

The internal dialogue that capable doers need to have with themselves is a necessary challenge. To fail to step up to this is struggling to become a leader.

To scrap through the internal doubts and challenge is to make the grade. And become the leader within you.