Here is range of my favourite management and leadership books - from these and lots and lots of personal experience, I learned all I know!

Lou Gerstner on how to MOTIVATE huge  organisations to great success

Ricardo Semler on the value of SELF-MANAGED TEAMS to organisations of any size at all

The classic from Dale Carnegie on the great power of LISTENING in conversations.

The classic textbook on all the COACHING skills you will every need to get the best from your team

Getting the most by ENABLING your team members to be successful, through encouragement

The SELF-DEVELOPMENT masterpiece that changed the lives of a generation. This book got me here!

Creating SPACE and TIME in your workday can do wonders, as explained by Tom DeMarco

Seminal work by Marcus Buckingham on MAKING the DIFFERENCE for every employee.

A simple book that explains all that is good about KEEPING MANAGEMENT SIMPLE and creating responsible employees

Nancy Kline explains the reason why taking TIME OUT in conversations creates tremendous value.

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