Getting the Help You Need

For most of us, the most significant critic we have lies within us. It can damage the opportunities we have to be our best and realise our potential. It steals up on us in the most unexpected moments and hauls us back from the greatness within.

As a leader, you are not immune from this, nor should you be. A leadership role is so often isolated by its very nature, and there the demons can fester. As with all human nature, the slight slips of judgement; the decisions that didn’t quite work and the moments of indecision can play upon frayed and tested nerves.

The good news is that this is all good. If the world went perfectly every day, that surely would be a challenge, not least of boredom! The perfect face leaders show up with can so often be faked for effect, leading to the mistrust of those you lead. For they are a human just like you. Your people suffer from the same internal question marks, however robust and confident you see them. So, by being open and honest with them, you begin to build relationships and a safe, developmental place for all. Continue reading

Getting Your People To Do The Best They Can

Because problems come at us thick and fast when we manage – especially when we are busy – it’s much easier to do something quickly about it. And so often, that’s simply the wrong solution…

Problems are a fact of life in any manager’s role. They come at us all the time and, with our people clamoring for speedy progress, we easily find ourselves obliging with an answer from the resources we have within us. Continue reading